June 16 2022-   PRESS RELEASE — MBBS Cancelled  

June 16  2022  Update.   With heavy hearts , Phin and I have concluded that we are overwhelmed by the continuing impediments that confront a successful effort and are resigned to join the numerous other efforts that have thrown their hands up.  For this reason, the 2022 Maine Boatbuilders Show is officially cancelled.   

This is a different time for all of us.   The show has been a labor of love, our joy and our contribution to the marine industries.  Most manufacturers of boats are unable to have a boat available.  Many marine manufacturers have cut their show budgets, and marketing is done online.  The economy is changing and costs are rising.  

The Maine Boatbuilders Show was on the minds and calendars of the marine industry in New England for 33 years in MARCH. We have had a good run!  It has been the mission of the show to foster  the passion in the younger generation growing up in front of our eyes and offer clear career paths and encouragement to sharp youngsters who are developing their brain, and handeye skills.  Boats are complicated and the modern yachts are more like self – contained spaceships than boats of the previous generations.  We wanted the show to invite them all to be here.  Yachties, fisherman, techies and new products and services…all intertwined in this marvelous ocean economy.  

Phin and I need time to regroup and reimagine what a post covid and recession celebration might be like.   Stay tuned! 

Thank you for your time. 

Phin and Joanna Sprague 

Maine Boatbuilders Show 
Portland Yacht Services
100 West Commercial Street
Portland, Maine. 04102